Let me help tell your story.

Hello There! My name is Katie...

I'm a photographer in the PNW, located in Graham, Washington.

I've had camera as long as I can remember and I mostly took photos of landscapes. I really thought it was something special to capture beautiful scenes in nature that others couldn't see and show them. I still do that... but a close friend and former model asked me why I didn't take photos of people. So I started reading and learning what to do to capture people, and I found the best things weren't in books. They were felt though the photos. I love to capture people, their spirit, and their personality in a way that tells about them. I love their connections with each other and their raw emotions.

I've been part of so many important moments as a photographer. I've watched people at their weddings, as they make a commitment to each other and God. I've held tiny newborns, and captured their first birthday's. Some of the pictures hold the faces of loved ones that are no longer with us and the butterflies of true love. I love seeing High School Seniors, so proud of their accomplishments and young kids pointing out their favorite flower or a new bug. Being able to spend time with young-at-heart seniors who have be blessed to find love after their children have grown. They always have such amazing stories to share!

To my clients, thank you for letting me be a part of your life! I truly love what I do. And to future clients, I can't wait to see what we make together.


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"Jesus would have been one of the best photographers that ever existed. He was always looking at the beauty of people's souls. In fact, Jesus was constantly making pictures of God in people's lives by looking at their souls and exposing them to His light."

—Francis Bacon